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From People: Courteney Cox steals Erin Foster's socks in 'Barely Famous' clip

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Courteney Cox is an actress, producer, director, and… sock thief? 

Yep, that last one’s true, at least within the context of People’s exclusive sneak peek of tonight’s episode of Barely Famousa faux reality show starring Erin and Sara Foster, daughters to music producer David Foster.

In the clip, Erin Foster runs into Cox shortly after their productive pitch meeting. Everything seems to be going swimmingly until Foster asks about a pair of blue socks with yellow ducks on them that she left at Cox’s house. Cox says she’s never seen thembut wait, what’s that on her feet?

Watch the drama unfold below, and check out the full episode at 9:30 p.m. ET tonight on VH1.   

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