Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC
Eric Renner Brown
April 01, 2015 AT 06:17 PM EDT

With the first of the final Mad Men episodes set to premiere on Sunday, April 5, AMC released a video today tallying up some of the show’s most recognizable recurring events. Here’s what we learned:

  • Mad Men is no Game of Thrones, but it’s more violent than its dour reputation might suggest. Characters have thrown 14 punches and four slaps since the show began.
  • Don Draper really needs women in his life—platonically and romantically. He has had nine secretaries (oh, Mrs. Blankenship, we hardly new ye) and 18 mistresses of varying degrees. AMC notes that, of course, Don could’ve had many more sexual trysts than we the viewers witnessed.
  • The substance abuse in Mad Men is, of course, well documented. But exact numbers are always nice to have, so here they are: Mad Men‘s characters have smoked 942 cigarettes and poured 369 drinks—though that last figure only tallies office drinking! Don and Co. also have more of a stoner streak than you may have realized, racking up 18 joints smoked.

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