Taylor Weatherby
April 01, 2015 AT 11:06 PM EDT

American Idol has found plenty of ways to shake things up over its 14 seasons, and it’s shaking it up even more with the just-announced Fan Save, which allows viewers to save contestants with a simple tweet.

Once Ryan Seacrest has announced the bottom two finalists and they perform, viewers can attempt to save their favorite using the hashtag #Save(ContestantName), FOX said in a press release. After about a five-minute voting period, Seacrest will reveal which lucky contestant gets to stay.

The only catch of the power-to-the-people saving method – only one tweet is allowed per Twitter account.

Fans who can’t watch American Idol during the East Coast or central time broadcasts can follow the show’s Twitter account (@AmericanIdol) to see which singers are in the bottom and when the vote window is open. A live stream from the studio will also be available on

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