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'Survivor: Worlds Apart' merge sneak peek

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Robert Voets/CBS

The merge is one of the biggest moments of every Survivor season as it signals the transition from a team game to an individual game. New alliances are often formed and old ones tossed aside like a smelly buff. That moment will take place on this Wednesday’s episode of Survivor: Worlds Apart. But you don’t have to wait until Wednesday night to watch the Nagarote and Escameca tribes become one—you can check out their initial meeting right here in an exclusive sneak peek of the merge.

“Where the hell is Jeff?” asks Rodney as the tribes meet up from different directions on a beach with no host to guide them. See what Rodney thinks once he realizes what’s happening! See what’s in the merge feast trunk! See who gets the honor of reading the merge feast note out loud! And find out on which beach they will be living together! Those answers and more await you in the video below. Then watch what happens next when the full episode airs Wednesday night at 8pm on CBS.

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