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See Ari Folman's test images for animated Anne Frank movie

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Courtesy of Cinemascope.mako.co.il

Ari Folman, the Israeli director who directed Waltz With Bashir, has revealed the first few test images from his animated feature film based on the life of Anne Frank. Mako’s Cinemascope blog posted some shots that illustrate the unique hybrid of traditional hand-drawn and stop-motion animation that will bring Anne’s story to the screen.

Folman, who negotiated worldwide rights to Anne Frank’s story from the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam, is working with puppet maker Andy Gent (Fantastic Mr. Fox) and his Waltz With Bashir artistic collaborator David Polansky to create the film’s surreal world. Some scenes feature both animated elements, with hand-drawn animated characters moving in stop-motion model scenery—a practical technique that keeps costs down. (The production is still seeking financial backing, and the test shots are part of that effort.) 

Folman’s script focuses primarily on Kitty, Anne’s imaginary pen pal who uses the diary to reimagine events in Anne’s life. 

In the photo below, Anne’s family listens to the radio’s news that the Germans have invaded Holland. Note the hand-drawn characters sitting in a stop-motion background.

Courtesy of Cinemascope.mako.co.il


Anne and Peter explore inside the family radio, where the horrible news unfolds on a movie screen.

Courtesy of Cinemascope.mako.co.il

Anne’s imagination of the invasion is transformed into a “circus hallucination.”

Courtesy of Cinemascope.mako.co.il

Anne suddenly finds herself on the battlefield.

Courtesy of Cinemascope.mako.co.il

Andy Gent with the train set he designed.

Courtesy of Cinemascope.mako.co.il
Courtesy of Cinemascope.mako.co.il