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Jason Jones says goodbye to 'The Daily Show'

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Comedy Central

Jason Jones has been The Daily Show‘s most intrepid correspondent ever since he debuted on the show in September 2005, traveling to global hot spots to expose hypocrisy and his private parts in all different cultures. Whereas the bulk of the Daily Show‘s on-the-scene segments take place just a few feet from Jon Stewart’s desk, Jones often went into hostile territory—like Fletch pretending to be Richard Engel. In fact, it was Jones who sat down with Iranian journalist Maziar Bahari in 2009, an interview that became evidence in Bahari’s subsequent imprisonment. 

Last night, Stewart finally called him home—for good. It was Jones’ last show before he starts his own sitcom on TBS with his wife, Samantha Bee. “I’m not going to ask you [about the Sunni/Shia conflict],” said Stewart, after an intro to a segment about Iraq. “Because we have a far more important story to talk about: Tonight is your last day.”

Stewart ordered Jones back to the New York headquarters, and Jones sat down as Stewart ran through his greatest hits from around the world, beginning with him buck-naked on horseback and including the time he got his penis stuck in a cantaloupe. “Nothing makes my job easier than knowing there is someone there who I can always go to, and always count on who’s going to deliver the funny, the smart, the everything,” said Stewart. “You were always that dude.” 

There were no tears or overflowing emotions—but then, Jones was still a little wired from his flight from Baghdad.