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'The Lego Movie' horror parody: Everything is not awesome

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Big Hero 6 The Lego Movie (shown) How to Train Your Dragon 2
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The Lego Movie was one of 2014’s most vibrant and upbeat movies, so it may be surprising that the movie actually lends itself to a much darker, much scarier version.

YouTube users crazimen74 posted a parody trailer of The Lego Movie as if it were a horror film. Pulling footage from the movie but swapping in some new title cards, music, and lighting, the trailer makes the most colorful comedy of 2014 into a dark and horrific tale of evil.

More than that, the parody trailer, which started as a project for a school course, pokes fun at how predictable the marketing for a modern mainstream horror film has become. The dramatic beats, the swelling score—it all may feel eerily familiar.

Watch the trailer below and see as Emmet’s journey to becoming a Master Builder is transformed into something far more sinister.