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What if Michael Bay directed 'Girls'?

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Jason Kempin/Getty Images; Mark Schafer

Michael Bay and HBO’s Girls are about as dissimilar and themes as two entertainment brands can be. The director shoots for high-concept flicks with outlandish stunts and insane plots, while Lena Dunham’s show aims for low-key characterization and development. Whenever the two collided in a mash-up, real or otherwise, one’s sensibilities would be crushed for comedic effect, skewering the other.

This is exactly what happened when YouTuber Alberto Belli released the video “What if Michael Bay directed HBO’s ‘Girls’ ” on Wednesday. Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, and Shoshanna are all shown in the parody, accompanied by regular barbs about their body and attractiveness. To make it a genuine Bay parody, oversaturated scenes, jets, and—naturally—explosions appear.