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'Survivor' players Max and Lindsey speak out

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Monty Brinton/CBS

Two Survivor episodes meant two players were voted out this week, and we caught up with both of them when Lindsey Cascaddan and Max Dawson called into Entertainment Weekly Radio (SiriusXM, channel 105) Thursday to chat about where it all went wrong. Here are a few highlights:

Lindsey on the attitudes towards women from the men on her tribe:

“The guys on our tribe definitely have a certain outlook on women. I think Rodney is kind of a breed of his own when it comes to his views, and his values of not only women, but kind of humanity in general. Anyone that might be a minority of some type, like whether it is sexual preference or your job or you race or whatever it might be—Rodney definitely has huge visions on that as far as I’m concerned. I didn’t necessarily grow-up with a closed-off mind. As far as the woman role goes, we definitely have three men on the Blue Collar tribe who think that men are superior. And not only superior, but just in general smarter and more on their feet and having things together and thinking that women act on only emotion.”

Lindsey on getting hit (along with Kelly) by the falling platform in the reward challenge:

“It did hit me in the head. Medic checked it out and it was a minor head injury so I feel like that didn’t necessarily affect my game in a massive way. Kelly is a trooper though, and that platform hurt like heck. There was no explaining how that kind of went down. It was scary. We were blindfolded. I had no idea what Kelly looked like. And the behind the scenes on that little clip was as medic is checking her out and deciding what are they going to do and is she going to be able to play, I’m sitting there like, oh my God, this is my game. Kelly, please get up! I think it was a good thing we couldn’t see each other. But hindsight is 20/20 because seeing all that blood now I am like, Wow, would I have begged her to get up and keep playing?”

Lindsey on her blow-ups at other tribe members:

“We found the best in each other but we also found the worst in each other. When you take six passionate people who are hard workers and who for the most part in their life all they do is work and grind—when you take that control away, it really starts to eat at your emotional side. And whatever issues you to have with people, they are going to get brought up. It was really hard for me to not stick up for women or not stick up for gays or not stick up for different races or different job titles or just anything. So 12 days in was apparently my breaking point.”

Max on saying he was happy his tribe was going to Tribal Council to vote someone out (which ended up being him):

“In retrospect, it probably wasn’t that wise to give them that sound bite. That said, had you spent three days at Nagarote, you might be wanting to go to Tribal Council as well. Apparently, White Collar, we have the laid back vibe—we could go skinny dipping, we can watch monkeys have sex. No Collar apparently means passive-aggressive, and after three days of that I’m happy to go garbage time and go and start to vote out the members of a tribe that you thought was showing a lot of problems.”

Max on why he flaunted his Survivor knowledge:

“I love Survivor so much that I can’t really hide it, and I did a pretty good job of keeping it down for the first, say, eight minutes when we got to camp. I was blown up by the lovely So Kim, who within 5 minutes of the cameras rolling said ‘I know who you are.’ And after that I had little opportunity to conceal my identity.”

Max on getting stung by two stingrays:

“It was like a really terrible wasp sting combined with a stab wound. It’s not fun. On that particular swim I got down to my customary bathing costume which is wearing nothing, waded into the water, boom got hit by a stingray. Still finished my aqua dump, looped around, thinking I’ll avoid the stingray, got hit in the other foot by another stingray. What you didn’t see is Dr. Ben came out, production came out, the whole medical thing—they, and Jenn, who actually was amazing in that moment said ‘Get your foot into that water and don’t take it out.’”

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