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'Game of Thrones' financial analysis predicts Lannister downfall

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Neil Davidson/HBO

“Foreclosure is Coming” may not have the catchiness of “The North Remembers” or “Ours is the Fury,” but in the world of HBO’s Game of Thrones, the powerful Lannister family’s financial irresponsibly might end up creating a bigger power shift than any other rallying cry. So says Business Insider, which made a fun video exploring the current financial crisis in Westeros by combing through George R.R. Martin’s five novels for information about the Crown’s mounting debt to the fearsome Iron Bank. Since this element has also been part of the HBO series from the very start, and last season Stannis Baratheon struck a deal with the Iron Bank to back his claim the Iron Throne, we suspect the Crown’s debt is indeed an under-appreciated threat to King Tommen’s rule (plus, it would be just like Martin to subvert classic fantasy tale expectations by having the richest and most fearsome family in Westeros get toppled due to poor financial planning).