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Will Ferrell dresses up like Little Debbie, channels Oprah

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Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

Will Ferrell announced he was the new face of Little Debbie Snack Cakes while on The Tonight Show—well, not so much “announced” as showed up in full costume. The comedian completed the look with a wig and apron, saying he needed the extra cash.

“I’m not the Hollywood hunk I once was,” Ferrell said. “This mug ain’t making the moula like it used to… I got a mouth to feed.” 

To prove his love for Little Debbie, Ferrell performed a little taste test—Zebra cake vs. a hot baked potato—expertly determining which was the creamy treat. The Little Debbie love didn’t stop there as both Ferrell and Fallon delivered a few promos for the brand, with Fallon having a special line about the chocolate Swiss Roll. 

Ferrell’s film Get Hardco-starring Kevin Hart, arrives in theaters March 27.