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'The Blacklist': Will Tom save Liz from those murder charges?

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David Giesbrecht/NBC

As Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone) faces the very real possibility that she’ll be convicted of killing the DC Harbormaster, Red (James Spader) will set his sights on getting her off the hook by tracking down the real culprit, Tom Keen (Ryan Eggold), who is actually on the infamous Blacklist.

Of course, Tom won’t be very keen to put his neck on the line for his former faux wife. “Tom is telling us he has absolutely zero interest for being accountable for the actions that happened on that ship,” executive producer Jon Bokenkamp tells EW. “He was held hostage by Elizabeth Keen and a man dies there, and that is her problem, as far as he’s concerned. Tom is not going to want to go. These two men are going to have to duke that out. The real question is, how does Tom feel about Elizabeth Keen? Does he blame her? Does he care about leaving her out to dry or not? That really is at the center of that episode and beyond. What happens in this week’s episode defines and perhaps redefines their relationship in a strange way.”

As Tom faces Red’s wrath, we’ll also learn more about their working relationship, which Dembe has been encouraging Red to finally reveal to Liz. “That’s one of the things that Red struggles with,” Bokenkamp says. “It’s something that’s built into the DNA of that character is that he has done some incredibly horrible things. If Elizabeth Keen knew the whole truth, it might scare her away. And yet, at the same time, there’s sort of the sense that maybe there’s some sort of redemption that he’s hoping for. Yet every time we get to that and feel he’s done the right thing, we find another truth that perhaps he’s betrayed her. It’s a very complex relationship between he and Red and Elizabeth.”

Find out whether Tom Keen will save Liz when The Blacklist airs on Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.