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'Big Hero 6' tops 'Dragon 2' at 2014's worldwide box office

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Oscars are nice, but winning the box office might be the ultimate prize for an animated film that’s designed to have mass appeal. Big Hero 6 can check off both those boxes. Not only did the Disney Animation adventure, about a grieving boy inventor and his Pillsbury-esque robotic protector, take home the Best Animated Film Oscar at last month’s Academy Awards, but it’s now also 2014’s highest-grossing animated film at the worldwide box office. Over the weekend, Big Hero 6 padded its totals to reach $632.8 million, surpassing How to Train Your Dragon 2, which stands at $618.9 million. 

The Lego Movie remains the year’s biggest animated hit at the domestic box office, with its $257.8 million a safe distance ahead of Big Hero‘s $221.7 million. But the worldwide crown is another victory for Disney Animation, which also dominated 2013 with Frozen ($1.274 billion).