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'Outlander': Jamie skinny dips, even more 'harrowing' scenes in second half of the first season

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Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

With only a few short weeks until Outlander returns, the cast and creative team behind the show appeared at the Paley Center for Media Thursday night to reveal a few details from the upcoming second half of the first season. There were many double entendres—the liquid courage probably had something to do with that.

Moderator Kristin Dos Santos of E! provided some official Outlander whiskey (Caitriona Balfe was all about it) and the group dished on the “dark” scenes coming up,  what’s next for the “trans-century” couple, and whether Sam Heughan uses a butt double. Here are the best soundbites and takeaways for what Outlander fans can expect.

There will be even more stripping down. During a game of “N’er Have I E’er,” the cast revealed there will be a skinny-dipping scene down the road featuring 18th-century stud Jamie. Cue collective swooning. 

Everything is about to get darker. Those who read the books know how this will end. (Don’t worry, no spoilers in this section.) And according to executive producer Ronald D. Moore, the cast and crew were “fearless.” “It does go to some harrowing places,” Moore said, “I think if you haven’t read the book, I think you would be surprised by the direction it takes. I think the ending…it’s a satisfying ending. There’s a sense of completion to what we’re doing…it culminates. Fill in the double entendre here. I think it’s an ending worthy of the story. It’ll take you places you weren’t expecting to go like the great stories do.”  

Frank won’t be back… yet. This second half focuses more on Jamie and Claire… and Black Jack Randall. Tobias Menzies, who plays both Frank and Black Jack, revealed that Frank won’t be returning until the second season. 

“Do you have a butt double?” Heughan played coy when an audience member called Jamie a “sex symbol”: “As a sex symbol, I have no idea… has a lot of sex though. He’s a wonderful character, and as you can see, we find out who he really is, and the show will develop that further.” Dos Santos took it a step further when she asked if Heughan used a butt double, to which Moore replied, “That’s all the magic of CGI.” Here’s hoping it’s all-natural. 

The cast swears a lot. “They all just say f— a lot when they blow a line,” author Diana Gabaldon said.” According to Moore, there might be a blooper reel on the season one DVDs which will be released closer to Christmas. Heughan said it will mostly feature Balfe “swearing, laughing, and falling over.” 

Moore didn’t realize everybody would be talking about the sex scene from episode 7, “The Wedding.” It was a conscious decision to have women write and direct (Anna Foerster directed while Anne Kenney penned the episode), but Moore wasn’t exactly expecting the overwhelming response it received. According to Moore, he wanted to portray a “truthful” and “authentic” depiction of sex, rather than “TV sex.” “It was a whole thing that this was a turning point of feminism on television, that we had done this episode specifically from a female point of view. That really wasn’t how we approached it, in all honesty. Evidently when you do something truthful, it becomes the female point of view.”

Outlander returns to Starz on April 4.