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Sean Lowe, J.P. Rosenbaum weigh in on the 'Bachelorette' twist

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Ever since the announcement that there would be two Bachelorettes next season—with the men deciding which woman would stay on night one—the Internet has been buzzing with opinions. Is this a hit to feminism? Should we even be talking about feminism and The Bachelorette in the same sentence?

And now, former Bachelor Sean Lowe and former Bachelorette participant J.P. Rosenbaum—both of whom are now married to the women they found on the show and speak highly of their experience—have taken to Lowe’s blog to share their thoughts. 

For Lowe, he finds three reasons that the dueling Bachelorettes should NOT happen. First, he finds it “downright degrading for the women—for the two chosen and the women watching at home.” He feels that this move hands the power back to the men on a show designed for women. 

Next, he thinks that “bringing on two Bachelorettes is just a rating ploy designed to bring The Bachelorette out of a two season ratings slump.” And finally, he finds issues with how the show is going to select the men who fight for the Bachelorettes’ hearts. Noting how the producers selected women for his season that they thought were well-suited for him, he says, “There’s no way they can stack the decks with good possibilities for such two different women.”

Rosenbaum, on the other hand, thinks that this twist is meant to do one thing: Get people talking. And in that way, it’s succeeding. 

“This show has been the catalyst for so many wonderful love stories, but I think viewers keep forgetting that above anything else, this is a television show and its sole purpose is to make money,” Rosenbaum wrote. “Regardless of right or wrong, or who is more deserving, having two Bachelorettes creates a buzz, a LOT of buzz and that, in theory, translates into ratings. So forget about whether or not you agree with the decision to stray from the norm, this change has already begun to do exactly what they had hoped it would do.”

The next season of The Bachelorette will premiere on Monday, May 18.