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March 11, 2015 at 07:46 PM EDT

Just when you thought everyone on Scandal was safe, a surprise visitor will come knocking on David Rosen’s door threatening to leak the truth about B613.

“David is going to have to deal with the files again,” Josh Malina teases of Thursday’s episode. “The whole issue of B613 and the trail of the villains associated with it is not over. It’s all going to come to the fore again.”

While outing the truth about the black ops kill squad might sound good in theory, it will put a lot of different players in jeopardy. “Anybody who was involved in B613 has a little blood on their hands with regards to what they know, what they’ve done and the legalities of that, because B613 wasn’t necessarily a publicly sanctioned office,” Scott Foley says. “They’re dealing with the fallout of the closing of B613, so they’ll go to Jake, Huck [Guillermo Diaz], even Quinn [Katie Lowes] now who was a part of B613 for a while, Charlie [George Newbern], and David Rosen, who was implicit in a way, having had the files and gone through them and did nothing with them. There’s a lot to deal with.”

So, who is the mystery person threatening everyone’s livelihood? Our best guess is Kim (Jasika Nicole), the last person seen with the B613 files—Charlie handed them over so Huck could prove to his former wife that he isn’t crazy. “Whether she keeps them herself or hands them off, the fact that she has them is no small fact to be overlooked,” Malina teases.

Giving more credence to that theory is the very strong reaction Huck will have to the possibility of B613’s secrets going public. “Huck is completely freaking out because we know what Huck has done and what he’s capable of,” Diaz says. “He’s really anxious, nervous and afraid that he’s going to lose his family. He’s doing all he can to make that disappear. He’s in a really crazy state right now.”

Scandal airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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