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The Rock encounters rough seas in new 'San Andreas' trailer

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There will be no place to hide when The Big One finally rattles California in San Andreas. Los Angeles is toast. Surf’s way up in San Francisco. And as Paul Giamatti’s egghead Cassandra insists, this quake is so big, it will be felt on the east coast. Though it’s unclear whether this particular quake was caused by a natural tectonic plates shift or Lex Luther’s maniacal real-estate scheme, Dwayne Johnson is the emergency superman, rescuing loved ones from tottering buildings while cities crumble and dams burst.

Somehow, San Andreas was not directed or produced by Roland Emmerich—who must be kicking himself. Instead, Brad Peyton, who directed Johnson in Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, has the honor of destroying major American landmarks. In the new trailer, Johnson and Carla Gugino finally escape the smoldering City by the Bay, only to learn that their exit route is blocked by a giant tsunami. 

San Andreas opens May 29.