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'Game of Thrones' releases second season 5 trailer

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HBO has released a new Game of Thrones trailer for season 5 that shows fire-breathing dragon action, Meereen insurgent fighting and hints that winter is indeed coming. The two-minute trailer’s intriguing beats also include Tyrion and Varys on the move in Essos (and a stunned Tyrion spotting Drogon, who’s now massive), Jon Snow trying to bring together the Wildlings and the Night’s Watch, and Daenerys Targaryen expanding on her “break the wheel” speech teased during the first trailer. (Perhaps she’ll add a new honorary title to her list: The Breaker of Wheels.) 

The trailer comes on the heels of HBO announcing that its long-awaited stand-alone streaming app, HBO Now, will launch in April which, not so coincidentally, is when Thrones premieres (Sunday, April 12, to be exact). Check it out below: