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'Legend of Korra' creator posts official Korrasami art

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Korra fans, rejoice! The canonical romance between Avatar Korra and Asami continues in a piece of brand-new art from The Legend of Korra co-creator Brian Konietzko. 

The piece, which Konietzko posted to his Tumblr page on Thursday,  is called “Turtle-duck Date Night.” Created for the California-based Gallery Nucleus‘ The Legend of Korra/Avatar: The Last Airbender Tribute Exhibition, which is scheduled to start this weekend, the image depicts some blissful Korrasami cuddling aboard a lovely turtle-duck boat. 

According to Konietzko, Gallery Nucleus will be selling a limited set of 100 prints. He intends to donate his share of the proceeds to an LGBTQ suicide prevention hotline.