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Catwoman comes out as bisexual in new comic issue

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DC Entertainment

One of comics’ strong female leads has come out as bisexual.

In Catwoman #39, out this week, the titular character kisses another woman, and in a blog post on her personal website, writer Genevieve Valentine shares the beats she wanted to cover, including “establishing Selina (Kyle) as a canon bisexual.” In her view, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who’s followed the character.

“She’s flirted around it—often quite literally—for years now; for me, this wasn’t a revelation so much as a confirmation,” Valentine writes, later adding: “In terms of their sexualities, not particularly; certainly it’s no surprise to Selina that she has an attraction to a woman.”

Valentine later asserts that this is not a disposable arc, one that will not be a “throwaway,” establishing this Catwoman as the norm DC universe.