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Willow and Jaden Smith have new songs on Soundcloud

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Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Somehow the Fresh Duchess and Duke of Bel-Air released music without the greater hive mind buzzing around it.

On Feb. 14, Willow Smith tweeted out a song, “‘Rta,” hosted on her Soundcloud account. It, like everything else on her page, sounds vastly different from “Whip My Hair,” her 2010 single that reached No. 11 on the Billboard Hot 100.

There have been 17 songs uploaded since Aug. 4, 2013 on Willow’s Soundcloud (many with accompanying hashtag categorizations). Seven were posted following the infamous interview with her brother Jaden in The New York Times’ T Magazine, during which they shared there unique outlook on life. You can whip on over to the page to check them all out, but here are five cuts worth discussing.

“‘Rta” by Willow Smith

Accompanying hashtag: #Sphere

“If you want to see a black hole singularity, holla back at me?” Willow asks. Consider this is an official “holla back” request. Willow continues the ethos espoused in the T Magazine interview. But the production is interesting, and her voice, at times, has shades—well, faint shades—of Rihanna.

“Female Energy” by Willow Smith

Accompanying hashtag: #Frequency and Molecular Structure

The intro is what would play when an alien saucer hovers above the earth. But then Willow kicks into her falsetto and lets her vocal ride on top of the chill kick and snare.

“21 – MELANCHOLY” by Jaden Smith

Accompanying hashtag: #LucritiveAnecdotes

Jaden, clearly into sad, ethereal music, spits some bars over Pink Floyd’s “Breathe.” His flow is a particular “just kicking back on the couch and lazily talking” kind of boring. He also doubles down on his distaste for school and its typical student body, as mentioned back in the T sit-down.

“EASY EASY (King Krule cover)” by Willow Smith (with Jaden Smith?)

Accompanying hashtag: #King Krule

The reverby guitar line mimics the original version, but Willow’s voice gives the song a softness more subtle in the 20-year-old Englishman’s production. It’s nice.

“WOODS” by Willow

Accompanying hashtag: #trees

The beat is composed of different ranges of a female voice—presumably Willow’s—over infrequent crooning. Erykah Badu is referenced in the hook, but it’s more of paying homage than channeling her inimitable style.

There’s also a three-song playlist/EP/thing—”Interdimensional Tesseract”—with quick, somewhat dancey, somewhat spacey tracks.