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'Survivor: Worlds Apart' season premiere starts off strong

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Monty Brinton/CBS

[SPOILER ALERT: Read on only if you have already watched Wednesday’s premiere of Survivor: Worlds Apart.]

Jeff Probst had told us he felt strongly about the cast of Survivor’s thirtieth season, and that cast elicited some strong reactions tonight in the premiere episode. From the cheer-worthy (Carolyn finding a hidden immunity idol after tribemates lied about not getting a clue) to the cringe-worthy (Joaquin proclaiming that he is all about “fast money, loose women, lots of champagne” and Rodney informing us that “Girls, they want to sit back and let a man take the leader role”) to the just plain creepy (Vince shoving his underarm into Jenn’s face).

It is a colorful cast to be sure, and a cast that was tested throughout the episode with various choices that needed to be made along the way, including whether to lie and take less food for the tribe in exchange for a hidden immunity idol clue, and different options for how to best proceed in the immunity challenge.  It was one of those options that ultimately doomed the White Collar tribe as they faltered on the 50 piece puzzle while the other two tribes sailed through the 10 piece puzzle that they selected.

That meant the White Collars had to go to Tribal Council, where they voted out So, who had doomed herself with one of those other choices—taking the clue instead of food for the tribe…and lying terribly about it. My full recap will be up soon, but you can sound off right here and right now about the premiere. Whom are you loving and loathing so far? Have at it on the message boards. And for more Survivor scoopage, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss.