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Dakota Johnson begs her mom to watch 'Fifty Shades' in 'SNL' promos

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At the Oscars, a reporter asked Melanie Griffith, Dakota Johnson’s mom, if she’d seen her daughter in Fifty Shades of Grey yet. “She’s a really good actress. I don’t need to see that to know how good she is,” Griffiths answered. Johnson replied by reverting to her teenage self and scoffing at her mother: “All right, you don’t have to see it,” she said, petulantly. It was one of the most awkward and entertaining moments from Sunday night’s pre-show—and Johnson herself mocked it in her Saturday Night Live promos.

Taran Killam asks if Griffith ever did see the movie, and Johnson puts on a whiny voice to say no—and to beg her mom to change her mind. “Mom, please watch it,” she says into the camera. “Mooom.”

It’s okay that Griffith hasn’t seen Johnson’s breakout film, because plenty of other people have: Fifty Shades of Grey opened with $93 million over Presidents Day weekend, earning it the title of highest grossing February debut. 

The promo also includes a few other Fifty Shades-related jokes—including Johnson’s lie that the movie is about a girl picking out a new shade of paint for her bedroom—and a reluctant Miami Vice spoof. 

Johnson will host the show’s Feb. 28 episode, which will feature Alabama Shakes as the muscial guests.