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Oscars 2015: Mat Kirkby is your new dream date

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Kevin Winter/Getty Images

British director Mat Kirkby has his priorities in line, and he’s teaching the Oscars a thing or two. Accepting the award for Best Live Action Short for The Phone Call, Kirkby was delighted for all the right reasons: “This now means I can get a free doughnut at my local bakery.” He had 30 seconds in the spotlight, and he used them to plug doughnuts. Executive Producer James Lucas had to lean over to the mic to be sure that they thanked the Academy.

The men went on to thank their mothers and everyone who made their work possible. “Short films are made not with money,” said Kirkby. “They’re made with tenacity and lots of favors.” Backstage, he said that he was flattered that people want to watch the film, but “I was at home in bed the other night scrolling through the TV channels, and it popped up. I didn’t pay for it. It was $5.99.”

Here’s what else you need to know about Mat Kirkby, as told by his IMDb profile:

  • He shares writing and producing credits on The Phone Call, which is only his third directorial credit.

  • He likes owls.

  • He directed a campaign for “some french deep fried dog biscuits called ‘Frolic’ (currently banned in the U.K.).”

  • If his photo is any indication, he likes cake almost as much as doughnuts.