Mary Ellen Matthews/NBC
February 13, 2015 at 12:00 PM EST

Saturday Night Live has consistently brought audiences sketches, musical numbers, and stand-out guest appearances for the last 40 years. The show introduced the world to talents like Chevy Chase, Eddie Murphy, Chris Farley, Jimmy Fallon, and more. But before taking on the biggest Saturday night show in America, most of these entertainers got their start on much smaller stages.

The show has a long, proud history of gleaning talent from L.A.’s Groundlings, Chicago’s Second City/iO schools, and, more recently, New York and LA’s Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. (SNL alum Amy Poehler cofounded the UCB theater before joining Saturday Night Live‘s cast.) With the help of research from Splitsider, we created a graphic to show exactly where your favorite cast members stretched their comedic chops before heading over to Studio 8H—and which feeder school, including the standup stage, has had the greatest impact on SNL‘s cast.

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