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'Party Down South' season 3 exclusive trailer: Say a prayer for Biloxi

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The original Party Down South flock is migrating 450 miles in a southwestern direction to commence their next set of adventures. You can witness the acclimation to their new environs in Biloxi, Miss, starting on Feb. 26 at 9 p.m. As evidenced by the following three-minute accumulation of footage for CMT’s educational documentary series about the courting rituals and feeding habits of feral twentysomethings, Season 3 will prove to be a time of transition for these young organisms, who welcome a new member by the name of “Hott Dogg” into their brood and display a refreshingly mature perspective on their metamorphosis into adulthoo—oh, who are we kidding? The twerking starts at :42, the punching at 1:42, and the crying at 2:02. Have at it.