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From 'Time': How they created the Red Room of Pain in 'Fifty Shades of Grey'

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The film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey is under a lot of pressure, and when it comes to fans of the book, there are a few crucial elements of the story that the film needs to do well. First and foremost, there was the casting of both Christian and Ana, and for the most part, the debate surriounding those decisions seems to have died down. So what’s next on the list? The sex scenes, and more particularly, the room in which many of them will occur—Christian’s Red Room of Pain.

Time recently investigated how the Red Room set was built, and not surprisingly, there was a lot of leather involved . The design team for the film, headed by David and Sandy Wasco, reportedly met with experts in the field, a.k.a. dominants and dominatrices whose clients resemble Christian Grey. And it was from those experts that they got the idea to give the room a leather floor, which helps with kneeling. As for the bed, it’s also leather, with no sheets (because who needs them?).

Finally, the film’s director, Sam Taylor-Johnson, added her opinion. “She wanted it to be more related to a high-end stable,” Sandy told Time. “So [the equipment] was built in brown, with brown leathers, and brown burled woods and other woods, versus the black that you see that’s more common.”

Add some rope, and you’ve got just about everything you need. Well, everything Christian needs.

Head over to Time  to learn more about what exactly went into the Red Room of Pain. Fifty Shades of Grey hits theaters Feb. 13.