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Watch the shattering new trailer for 'Insurgent'

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The new Insurgent trailer is here and Tris (Shailene Woodley) is officially the “One.”

Insurgent follows Tris, who had lost everything at the end of Divergent. Now, she must pick up the pieces and move forward as war looms imminently ahead. But from confusion to guilt, Tris’ inner demons threaten to tear her apart.

“She’s left with a lot of confusion as far as what the future holds,” Shailene Woodley told EW in an interview earlier this month. “But she’s also left with a lot of guilt from the war, from losing her parents and from Will, so [in Insurgent] you see a newfound strength in her for revenge, as well as a lot of internal battles that she’s trying to weave her way around.”

Insurgent is the second film based off of Veronica Roth’s Divergent book series and hits theaters March 20.

The “She is the One” spot will air during the Super Bowl pregame show, and features Tris shattering through Jeanine in full slow motion-mode. Check it out above.