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Watch the 'Mean Girls' iOS video game trailer--exclusive

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Hot on the stiletto heels of So Much Drama Studios’ RuPaul’s Drag Race: Dragopolis comes another entry whose source material doesn’t exactly scream “video game adaptation”: Mean Girls, which hits iOS devices later this week.

Set in familiar locales—North Shore High School’s cafeteria, classrooms, and basketball court—the game tasks players with preventing a new clique from taking over the school. While it’s unclear from the exclusive trailer above whether the game is a phoned-in cash grab or fan-servicing tribute, it’s obvious that the real draw is the many references to the movie’s characters, scenes, and settings. Whether collecting Kalteen bars, powering-up with peppermint foot cream, or shaming your friends’ high scores in the Burn Book, Mean Girls aims to keep its gameplay accessible and its content as comfortably familiar as your favorite pink sweater.