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E.T. showed up in a Scottish tree trunk

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Hamish Thompson
Courtesy of Hamish Thompson

And you thought E.T. was back in space.

Billy Harley, who owns Scotland’s Uig Hotel, was chopping wood when he discovered that wasn’t entirely the case.

“I phoned home and my wife brought a camera out to take some pictures,” Harley said in a statement. “We’re not quite sure what to do now. We could turn E.T. into a coffee table or a bar stool maybe.” Or they could place a candy dish full of Reese’s Pieces on the chunk of wood and call it a day.

This is the second time E.T.’s been the subject of a strange situation as of late: For years, some speculated that E.T. Atari Games were buried under cement in a New Mexico landfill—and that urban legend turned out to be true in April, when an excavation of the area led to the discovery of multiple E.T. game cartridges.

The findings from that dig were highlighted in documentary Atari: Game Over, which came out in November—but E.T. fans looking for a new fix will have to head to Scotland to check out the tree trunk and, if the Harleys go through with it, stay in a room at the Uig Hotel named after the Spielberg creation.