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Emmys 2017
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Here are your Oscar nomination talking points

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The Oscar nominations are out, and to quote Birdman: How did we end up here? Snubs (SelmaThe Lego Movie!) and surprises (Marion Cotillard) have been analyzed, and displeasure (with interspersed joy) has been voiced. So, what should you be talking about? We’ve got you covered:

Should I have been expecting the Selma snubs?

Unfortunately, yes. Supporters have been worried about the fate of Selma for a while now, especially when the film was dogged by accuracy complaints and turned up empty-handed in the major guild award nominations. (Some attributed oversights at the guild awards to the lack of DVD screeners that went out to guild members.) It didn’t end up completely shut out, though: Selma did snag a Best Picture nomination and recognition for its song “Glory.”

Where did that Marion Cotillard nomination come from?

Many predicted that Cotillard’s Best Actress spot would go to Jennifer Aniston, who received praise and other award nominations for her work in Cake. But Cotillard hasn’t gone completely unrecognized for her work in the Belgian film Two Days, One Night, winning critics prizes like the New York Film Critics Circle Award for the performance. (She actually won that prize for her work in that film and in The Immigrant.) She is nominated at the Critics Choice Awards, which will take place tonight. In the film directed by the Dardenne brothers, Cotillard plays a woman who is laid off and has to persuade her coworkers to vote to let her keep her job, even though they would sacrifice their bonuses.

Why is Whiplash an adapted screenplay?

Whiplash, a movie that to most would seem not to be based on any pre-existing material, is in the adapted screenplay category. We’ve explained why Whiplash is in the adapted race: writer-director Damien Chazelle’s movie originated as a short.

What are the animated movies that beat out The Lego Movie?

Gasp: The Lego Movie was absent from the animated feature category. So what took its place? The more mainstream films include Disney’s Baymax-boasting Big Hero 6 and the Golden Globe winner, How to Train Your Dragon 2The Boxtrolls comes from the company behind Coraline and ParaNorman. But what about The Tale of Princess Kaguya and Song of the Sea? The latter is from Irish director Tomm Moore, who was previously Oscar nominated for The Secret of KellsSong of the Sea deals with the legend of the selkie, a creature that lives as a human on land and a seal in the sea. The Tale of Princess Kaguya is a Studio Ghibli film from director Isao Takahata, about a girl found in a bamboo shoot.

What got left out of the foreign and documentary categories?

Though not quite as high profile as other categories, the foreign and documentary categories also saw omissions. On the foreign side, Swedish film Force Majeure about a family on vacation didn’t get a nomination—something Vanity Fair‘s Richard Lawson called a “modest outrage.” Meanwhile, Life Itself, a documentary about Roger Ebert, puzzlingly did not make the cut. As The Hollywood Reporter points out, director Steve James’s Hoop Dreams was also snubbed by the Academy, an exclusion which Ebert himself was “stunned” by.