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Watch the most awkward, vulgar, hilarious news bloopers of 2014

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When TV airs live, there’s bound to be some mistakes made–occasionally incorrect b-roll, vulgar man on the street interviews, a rogue skateboard that hits a reporter in the head. Thankfully, 2014 had no shortage of amazing news bloopers.

NewsBeFunny has compiled the year’s best bloopers from local news all around the United States–as well as plenty of international clips that show the problems plaguing local news are shared throughout the world.

A few clips that went viral throughout the year are included–the first iPhone 6 owner dropping the phone, a reporter quitting on air for more lucrative work, Samuel L. Jackson having to explain he is actually not Laurence Fishburne.

But there are plenty of other hilarious, cringe-inducing clips from local news broadcasts and a few celebrity interviews just as worthy of being highlighted. Watch the entire video below–it comes in at about 15 minutes, but it’s all worth a watch, Unless you’re one of the people being highlighted.