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Jeff Probst reveals the secret 'Survivor' ending you didn't see...and it's the best thing ever

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So, I love just about everything when it comes to Survivor. That much has been established over the past 29 seasons. But there is one thing I do not love—the fact that it has been years since the show gave us one of those epic vote delivery montages where Jeff Probst transports the votes from on-location overseas to back here in the United States. There was the time he jetskied the votes past the Statue of Liberty and onto a New York City Subway en route to the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City. And there was the other time where he jumped out of an airplane with the voting urn and then hopped on a motorcycle to get the votes to CBS Studios in L.A. These epic montages were hilarious and amazing and perfect in every way.

Unfortunately, these incredible Survivor endings have been painfully absent for years now. However, Jeff Probst has personally promised me that he will give us at least one more before the show wraps up for good. In fact, when we spoke the other day around the San Juan del Sur finale, he revealed that they actually did film one for a recent season that never made it on screen. What was it? And why did it not make it on the air? Read on as Probst explains to EW the entire concept…and what went wrong.

“The last one we tried to do, it was me paddling—I can’t remember from which island—but I left in a canoe, then we shipped the canoe back, I paddle down into Venice, California, I paddle in, I get out. This was the plan: I walk past the skate park and I go, ‘Hey, kid. Can I have your board?’ And the kid looks at me like in that Mean Joe Greene commercial…the Coke commercial, and he goes, ‘Hey, you’re the Survivor guy! Sure!’ And he throws me his skateboard. And I’m going to hop on the skateboard, jump a curb, and then kick the skateboard up into my hands and hand it back to the kid and say, ‘Thanks, kid. See you around.’”

“So we have this idea and I go, ‘But the only thing is, guys—I can’t skateboard. But I’ll try to learn.’ We hire this guy. He says, ‘Oh, I can teach you to do a couple of tricks.’ And I go, ‘But I didn’t grow up in California. I’m not a skateboarder.’ He says, ‘No problem.’ We get out there for about three hours and they guy is like, ‘Listen, here’s what you do: You ride the board and you use the leverage of your weight to hop it up onto the curb, skid across…’ And I’m looking at him, like, ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?! I can’t do this! So we never aired it, and that was the last one.”

I know, it sounds tremendous. The fact that we have been denied this viewing experience is positively infuriating. But here’s the thing: Probst confirms that the footage does indeed exist somewhere. The key now is finding it and using the Freedom of Hilarious Information Act to command and demand its immediate release to the public.

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