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'Eaten Alive' host says upset viewers missed the point

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Eaten Alive 02

Eaten Alive host Paul Rosolie says those who knocked his Discovery special are missing the point.

Appearing on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday night (video below), Rosolie defended Sunday’s two-hour Eaten Alive, which attempted to raise awareness of rain forest destruction that imperils the lives of millions of animals (plus supplies about 20 percent of Earth’s oxygen) by concluding with Rosolie being lightly munched by an anaconda. Animal activists were mad that Rosolie tried to get eaten in the first place, while viewers were mad that he wasn’t actually consumed (there’s just no winning sometimes).

On PETA’s protest, Rosolie said: “I feel like PETA and everyone else has watched the last 20 minutes of the show, and they’re hinging on that, and they’re totally forgetting everything else about the fact that we’re actually trying to protect these animals.”

On viewers disappointed he wasn’t eaten: “They missed the point of the whole show. But I could destroy at Mean Tweets.”

Kimmel suggested as a follow-up project: “I would like to see you have sex with a hippo.”

Rosolie has maintained the snake-eating stunt was a necessary component to draw awareness to the rainforest issue, and indeed the special delivered 4.1 million viewer—Discovery’s biggest nature documentary in four years.