Ariana Bacle
December 08, 2014 AT 04:38 PM EST

News anchors have a tough job: They have to pretend like everything’s great when usually it’s, well, not. But Cecily Strong and Kenan Thompson give up on pretending in a cut Saturday Night Live sketch where the two play St. Louis morning show hosts distressed by what’s going on in nearby Ferguson.

At first, Thompson and Strong try to read off some lighthearted weekend news about fun runs and concerts but decide to cut to their traffic reporter, played by Leslie Jones, who appears onscreen just to say traffic’s bad. Later on, they cut to her again—but this time Jones is in Chicago, not St. Louis. “I am not coming back!” she says once Strong notices where she is. “We should have done that,” Strong and Thompson somberly reply.

James Franco, Saturday’s host, also appears as a guest on the show named Daryl Wilson who goes on a cringe-worthy rant about being a victim. The entire sketch is an awkward, apt comment on racism in America and how we cover that racism—as well as a fine five minutes of comedy.

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