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Watch Jess and her new man 'embrace the intimacy' on 'New Girl'

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New Girl Teachers Clip

Imagine your perfect romantic match. Imagine that personal enfolding you in a warm, comforting embrace. Now imagine that you’re expressly forbidden to enjoy that embrace—because you’re their boss.

That’s exactly what Jess (Zooey Deschanel) faces on the next episode of New Girl. After she’s shipped off to a teachers’ retreat with new hire Ryan Geauxinue (Julian Morris)—and yes, that name is pronounced Goes-in-you—Jess encounters a number of temptations as the retreat’s instructor (guest star Lisa Bonet) thrusts the coworkers into a number of situations where they must “embrace the intimacy.”

But how exactly does Jess end up in Ryan’s arms?

Morris teased after his first episode that, not matter how much Jess resists his crafty charms, tonight will be the night for the teachers to hook up. To see that towel-clad canoodling in living color, tune in to New Girl at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.