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EW's definitive ranking of every 'Supernatural' episode

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Supernatural Bitten
James Dittiger/The CW

In honor of Supernatural‘s 200th episode, EW took a quick trip down the road so far. And by quick, we mean that we ranked every episode of Supernatural ever. From Sam and Dean’s first battle against the Woman in White to Sam’s recent rescue of Demon Dean, we left nothing out, and we’re pretty sure it was just as difficult as that one time that Sam and Dean stopped the apocalypse.

If you’re looking for our Top 40 picks, check out gallery No. 1, and for our Worst 10, head here. For everything in between, scroll down, relive the memories (and play a little “Carry On My Wayward Son” just to set the mood).

UPDATE: The 200th episode has been factored into our Top 40. Here’s how the rest of the rankings stand:

41. “Pilot

Season 1, Episode 1

In the hour that kicks off everything, we’re introduced to the Winchester family on the day that Yellow Eyes kills Mary and John begins his quest for revenge. Jump forward 22 years, and Dean is picking Sam up from college to go look for their father, who’s gone missing on one of his “hunting” trips. By episode’s end, the brothers have defeated a Woman in White, and Sam’s girlfriend has met the same fate his mother did all those years before.

42. “LARP and the Real Girl”

Season 8, Episode 11

Not only does Charlie return, but Sam and Dean do a little LARPing.

43. “Hollywood Babylon”

Season 2, Episode 18

In the show’s first real attempt at comedy, Sam and Dean find themselves on a haunted film set. Aside: Every note the producer gives the director is something The CW told Supernatural at some point. And yes, by hour’s end, they kill the producer.

44. “Stairway to Heaven”

Season 9, Episode 22

45. “Faith”

Season 1, Episode 12

The first real introduction of religion into the show ends up being about a reaper, but at least he saves Dean’s life, right?

46. “My Bloody Valentine”

Season 5, Episode 14

Sam uses his demon-blood powers to pull demon souls out of Famine and kill him. Also, Cas eats raw hamburger.

47. “In the Beginning”

Season 4, Episode 3

48. “On the Head of a Pin”

Season 4, Episode 16

49. “I Know What You Did Last Summer”

Season 4, Episode 9

The introduction of Anna is matched with Sam finally filling Dean in on his “connection” with Ruby. Yes, there’s sex.

50. “Goodbye Stranger”

Season 8, Episode 17

51. “The Real Ghostbusters”

Season 5, Episode 9

In brilliant meta fashion, the Winchester brothers head to a Supernatural fan convention. Hey, Chuck!

52. “I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here”

Season 9, Episode 1

53. “Heaven and Hell”

Season 4, Episode 10

After a demon and angel showdown, Dean begins to open up about his time in Hell.

54. “What Is and What Should Never Be”

Season 2, Episode 20

55. “Croatoan”

Season 2, Episode 9

A demonic virus has taken over a town, and when Sam gets infected, classic brother moments ensue. But by episode’s end, Sam is healed and Dean leaves viewers with the cliffhanger of what John said to him before he died. (Hint: If you can’t save your brother, you’re going to have to kill him.)

56. “Heart”

Season 2, Episode 17

Sam is forced to kill the woman he’s falling for when she realizes she’s a werewolf. So many tears are shed.

57. “Clip Show”

Season 8, Episode 22

Any TV episode titled “Clip Show” is one to be wary of, but Supernatural doesn’t phone it in, instead bringing back old characters as part of a new case.

58. “Let It Bleed”

Season 6, Episode 21

59. “Mommy Dearest”

Season 6, Episode 19

Eve meets her end in a dinner showdown. But the fight’s far from over as Castiel and Crowley meet up after all the bloodshed.

60. “Road Trip”

Season 9, Episode 10

Crowley (who apparently has demons infiltrating the NSA?) has to possess Sam to save him from Gadreel.

61. “Reading Is Fundamental”

Season 7, Episode 21

Not only do we meet the Tablets of God, but a new prophet is chosen: The soon-to-be-beloved Kevin.

62. “The Born-Again Identity”

Season 7, Episode 17

63. “Monster Movie”

Season 4, Episode 5

Murders begin taking the form of classic horror films–mummies, werewolves, and Dracula all seem to be to blame. But a shapeshifter with a penchant for Universal monster movies is the real foe.

64. “Folsom Prison Blues”

Season 2, Episode 19

The boys are thrown in jail, but that doesn’t stop demons from popping up in their lives. At least Dean knows how to fit in after watching all those classic prison movies.

65. “Meta Fiction”

Season 9, Episode 18

Sitting at his typewriter, Metatron finally tells his side of the story in a wonderfully crafted hour.

66. “Meet the New Boss”

Season 7, Episode 1

67. “Yellow Fever”

Season 4, Episode 6

Dean gets a virus that makes him scared of just about anything, including very small dogs. It’s another example of the show balancing drama—Dean might die—and comedy—and a cat might kill him.

68. “My Heart Will Go On”

Season 6, Episode 17

What if the Titanic never sank? Well, fate still has some souls to collect. More importantly, come on, Balthazar. What kind of angel could hate Titanic?

69. “Appointment in Samarra”

Season 6, Episode 11

Any appearance by Death is a good one, but this time, he decides to hand his powers over to Dean for a day. Oh, and Freddy Krueger himself, Robert Englund, pops up, just in case the episode wasn’t good enough already.

70. “Taxi Driver”

Season 8, Episode 19

While the idea that breaking into Hell only requires a taxi driving smuggler is a bit silly, the second trial proves to be no easy task. Meanwhile, Kevin can’t seem to get Crowley’s voice out of his head.

71. “Home”

Season 1, Episode 9

72. “A Very Supernatural Christmas”

Season 3, Episode 8

A good, yet fairly standard episode of the show is topped off when the brothers exchange Christmas gifts and enjoy some quality family time—eggnog included.

73. “Are you there, God? It’s Me, Dean Winchester”

Season 4, Episode 2

Horror hits home as Bobby’s home is overrun by ghosts as the brothers try to determine if Castiel is really an angel.

74. “Trial and Error”

Season 8, Episode 14

75. “The Devil You Know”

Season 5, Episode 20

The truth behind Yellow Eyes’ plans way back in season one return to haunt Sam as the brothers search for the final two Horsemen rings.

76. “It’s A Terrible Life”

Season 4, Episode 17

Zachariah sends Dean into a world where he’s got a job in corporate America and Sam works in tech support. And yet, inevitably, their fate finds them. Like most alternate realities, it makes for an entertaining hour worthy of the show’s Top 100.

77. “Freaks and Geeks”

Season 8, Episode 18

78. “Hunted”

Season 2, Episode 10

79. “The Great Escapist”

Season 8, Episode 21

Metatron’s first appearance doesn’t quite hint at the power grab he will soon make, instead helping the boys while Kevin tries to break free from Crowley.

80. “Shadow”

Season 1, Episode 16

81. “Everybody Loves a Clown”

Season 2, Episode 2

While the truth of the episode’s title might be dubious, this episode has a smart blend of drama in John’s funeral (or the closest thing to it) and a case that forces Sam and Dean to become employees at a circus. The mix of tones shouldn’t work, but, unsurprisingly, Supernatural makes it fun.

82. “No Exit”

Season 2, Episode 6

83. “Fallen Idols”

Season 5, Episode 5

Sam wrestles with Gandhi before decapitating Paris Hilton. Thanks for this, Supernatural.

84. “We Need to Talk About Kevin”

Season 8, Episode 1

85. “I Believe the Children Are Our Future”

Season 5, Episode 6

This episode will always stand out for the introduction of Jesse, or as some refer to him, the Anti-Christ.

86. “Slumber Party”

Season 9, Episode 4

Any appearance by Charlie is a good one. Throw in the idea that Oz is a real place and Dorothy is actually a kickass hero and this episode leaves fans hoping that clicking their heels will bring them back to Oz just one more time.

87. “Weekend at Bobby’s”

Season 6, Episode 4

88. “Hello, Cruel World”

Season 7, Episode 2

The Leviathan of it all hurts this episode’s credibility, but the return of Lucifer (in Sam’s visions) almost makes up for it.

89. “Devil May Care”

Season 9, Episode 2

90. “What’s Up, Tiger Mommy?”

Season 8, Episode 2

Who knew the supernatural could be so civilized as to hold an auction? Apparently they are in this episode, which also includes another appearance by the lesser-seen but just as fun to watch as her son, Mrs. Tran.

91. “Death Takes A Holiday”

Season 4, Episode 15

92. “Sam, Interrupted”

Season 5, Episode 11

93. “Bloody Mary”

Season 1, Episode 5

One of the series’ scariest episodes arrives in its first season, when the tale of Bloody Mary comes to life and makes people bleed from their eyes.

94. “Bitten”

Season 8, Episode 4

In a very non-traditional hour, Sam and Dean stumble upon some video footage that shows the werewolf transition of three college students … and the one of them that survives it all.

95. “Salvation”

Season 1, Episode 21

96. “Soul Survivor”

Season 10, Episode 3

After a cat-and-mouse chase through the bunker, Sam saves his brother from being a demon.

97. “The Third Man”

Season 6, Episode 3

98. “Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid”

Season 5, Episode 15

99. “Heaven Can’t Wait”

Season 9, Episode 6

Once again proving they know how to have fun, the Supernatural writers make Cas human and force him to work at a gas station. Also, he babysits.

100. “Bad Boys”

Season 9, Episode 7

101. “As Time Goes By”

Season 8, Episode 12

102. “Hook Man”

Season 1, Episode 7

A classic example of the show’s early days as a mini-horror movie every week, “Hook Man” might not be the show at its best, but it helped defined the show’s monster roots.

103. “Jump the Shark”

Season 4, Episode 19

The episode lives up to its title, revealing that Sam and Dean aren’t the only Winchester brothers. But the family reunion isn’t exactly a fun time.

104. “Black”

Season 10, Episode 1

105. “Tall Tales”

Season 2, Episode 15

106. “The Curious Case of Dean Winchester”

Season 5, Episode 7

Dean turning into an old man thanks to a witchy poker game makes for a solid comedic hour that would’ve ranked higher if the competition weren’t so stiff.

107. “Hell House”

Season 1, Episode 17

The first appearance of the Ghostfacers isn’t something we’ll soon forget, but it’s not quite as classic as their other appearances.

108. “Dream A Little Dream of Me”

Season 3, Episode 10

109. “Southern Comfort”

Season 8, Episode 6

Garth attempts to be the new Bobby, but Sam and Dean have concerns about a guy whose ringtone is “Jump” by Kriss Kross filling that role.

110. “Bedtime Stories”

Season 3, Episode 5

111. “After School Special”

Season 4, Episode 13

112. “Bad Day at Black Rock”

Season 3, Episode 3

113. “The Rapture”

Season 4, Episode 20

This hour takes a different look at the Winchesters’ world when Castiel has left his human vessel. It’s not one of the show’s best episodes, but it’s worthy of some recognition.

114. “A Little Slice of Kevin”

Season 8, Episode 7

115. “Hunteri Heroici”

Season 8, Episode 8

In a quasi-meta episode, deaths start occurring in a small town that have some strangely cartoon-like attributes. There are enough classic animation callbacks in the episode, including an actual 1-ton anvil, that you can just sense Wile E. Coyote waiting off screen for his cue.

116. “Season 7, Time for a Wedding!”

Season 7, Episode 8

117. “Swap Meat”

Season 5, Episode 12

118. “Frontierland”

Season 6, Episode 18

119. “Everybody Hates Hitler”

Season 8, Episode 13

The title is great. The premise is great. The actual excitement level of the golem isn’t what it could’ve been.

120. “Of Grave Importance”

Season 7, Episode 19

121. “Torn & Frayed”

Season 8, Episode 10

122. “Reichenbach”

Season 10, Episode 2

123. “The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo”

Season 7, Episode 20

If only Charlie’s introduction weren’t so entangled with all things Dick Roman, this episode would’ve ranked a lot higher.

124. “The Girl Next Door”

Season 7, Episode 3

125. “Like a Virgin”

Season 6, Episode 12

126. “#THINMAN”

Season 9, Episode 15

The thinman isn’t the most intriguing villain, but the parallels between Ed and Harry’s relationship and Sam and Dean’s are way too good to ignore.

127. “Live Free or Twihard”

Season 6, Episode 5

The show finally takes a full-on shot at Twilight, showing the massive book and film franchise how exactly vampires are supposed to act.

128. “Scarecrow”

Season 1, Episode 11

129. “Roadkill”

Season 2, Episode 16

130. “Simon Said”

Season 2, Episode 5

131. “Time After Time”

Season 7, Episode 12

The God of Time sends Dean back to the 40’s where he teams up with Eliot Ness, who just happens to be a hunter.

132. “Nightmare”

Season 1, Episode 14

133. “Mother’s Little Helper”

Season 9, Episode 17

134. “Captives”

Season 9, Episode 14

Kevin is back and he’s haunting the bunker, at least until Sam and Dean find his mom. Then, he can have the emotional farewell he always deserved. (Not that Dean’s manly cry wasn’t good enough, because it was.)

135. “Long Distance Call”

Season 3, Episode 14

136. “Something Wicked”

Season 1, Episode 18

137. “Crossroad Blues”

Season 2, Episode 8

138. “Adventures in Babysitting”

Season 7, Episode 11

The introduction of Krissy is a solid moment in the show’s history, but not one of the most exciting.

139. “Asylum”

Season 1, Episode 10

140. “The Usual Suspects”

Season 2, Episode 7

141. “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester!”

Season 4, Episode 7

Halloween turns deadly and the angel Uriel proves not all angels are alike, as he shows a much more homicidal tendency than Castiel.

142. “Blade Runners”

Season 9, Episode 16

Dean holding the First Blade makes for some very mysterious drama, but we can’t quite look past the whole Snooki-is-a-crossroads-demon thing, though it is pretty hilarious.

143. “Sex and Violence”

Season 4, Episode 14

144. “The Kids Are Alright”

Season 3, Episode 2

Lisa and Ben’s first appearance is notable for obvious reasons, but let’s not forget all the creepy kids.

145. “Remember the Titans”

Season 8, Episode 16

Sam and Dean try to help out Prometheus by killing Zeus. Because, sure, that sounds like an easy enough goal in life.

146. “Rock and a Hard Place”

Season 9, Episode 8

The Winchesters join a chastity group to investigate a series of murders, but Dean has a little trouble paying attention to that word “chastity.”

147. “Defending Your Life”

Season 7, Episode 4

148. “Sharp Teeth”

Season 9, Episode 12

Garth is back! But does he have to be a werewolf?

149. “Skin”

Season 1, Episode 6

150. “I’m No Angel”

Season 9, Episode 3

151. “Slash Fiction”

Season 7, Episode 6

The Leviathans can’t help but be a nuisance, as two impersonate Sam and Dean and go off on a killing spree that lands the brothers on the FBI’s Most Wanted list.

152. “…And Then There Were None”

Season 6, Episode 16

Eve’s appearance makes for good drama, but we’re not huge fan of the worm-in-the ear plot. However, Rufus’ death is worth noting. R.I.P.

153. “Survival of the Fittest”

Season 7, Episode 23

154. “Citizen Fang”

Season 8, Episode 9

155. “Dog Dean Afternoon”

Season 9, Episode 5

Dean acting like a dog is funny on some levels and just a bit too far on others.

156. “Party On, Garth”

Season 7, Episode 18

157. “Red Sky at Morning”

Season 3, Episode 6

158. “Fresh Blood”

Season 3, Episode 7

159. “Exile on Main St.”

Season 6, Episode 1

Coming back from the show’s best finale is tough, and try as it might, the season six premiere helps set the tone for an uneven season.

160. “Two and a Half Men”

Season 6, Episode 2

161. “Paper Moon”

Season 10, Episode 4

162. “The Purge”

Season 9, Episode 13

Sam as a yoga instructor is an image we’ll never forget. The episode, however, is slightly less memorable.

163. “Metamorphosis”

Season 4, Episode 4

164. “Provenance”

Season 1, Episode 19

165. “Criss Angel is a Douche Bag”

Season 4, Episode 12

The magicians make for an entertaining hour, but not one we feel the need to re-watch.

166. “Dead in the Water”

Season 1, Episode 3

167. “Wishful Thinking”

Season 4, Episode 8

Sam and Dean encounter a talking teddy bear. That’s really all you need to know about this episode.

168. “Blood Brother”

Season 8, Episode 5

169. “Family Matters”

Season 6, Episode 7

170. “You Can’t Handle the Truth”

Season 6, Episode 6

The goddess of truth makes an appearance that ultimately leads to Sam admitting that he hasn’t felt like himself since returning from the cage. Hint: It’s because he doesn’t have a soul.

171. “Repo Man”

Season 7, Episode 15

172. “Malleus Maleficarum”

Season 3, Episode 9

173. “Phantom Traveler”

Season 1, Episode 4

The plane-crashing ghost is a fine twist but nothing particularly notable.

174. “Caged Heat”

Season 6, Episode 10

175. “Bloodlust”

Season 2, Episode 3

176. “How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters”

Season 7, Episode 9

Not only does Dick shoot Bobby, but there’s that whole unfortunate Turducken thing that ruined burgers of any kind for a while.

177. “Dead Man’s Blood”

Season 1, Episode 20

178. “There Will Be Blood”

Season 7, Episode 22

179. “Alex Annie Alexis Ann”

Season 9, Episode 19

An appearance by Jody Mills saves an otherwise average vampire episode that never manages to make us quite care about a girl caught between her vampire family and the rest of humanity. Instead, we only care about what Jody has to say.

180. “Houses of the Holy”

Season 2, Episode 13

181. “Sin City”

Season 3, Episode 4

182. “Time Is On My Side”

Season 3, Episode 15

We might have been able to live without the creepy zombie doctor, but at least Rufus and Bela both make an appearance.

183. “Heartache”

Season 8, Episode 3

184.”Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things”

Season 2, Episode 4

Remember the college student with the zombie girlfriend? Yeah, we sort of do.

185. “Playthings”

Season 2, Episode 11

186. “Family Remains”

Season 4, Episode 11

187. “Shut Up, Dr. Phil”

Season 7, Episode 5

Not even a Buffy the Vampire Slayer reunion can save this ho-hum episode about witches.

188. “Man’s Best Friend with Benefits”

Season 1, Episode 20

The title kind of says it all.

189. “Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie”

Season 7, Episode 14

190. “Unforgiven”

Season 6, Episode 13

An episode that feels like it’s spinning its wheels–or web–more than anything doesn’t do much to move the overall plot forward while pitting the brothers against a lame spider-like foe.