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Editor's Note: Nov. 14/21, 2014

EW Editor Matt Bean explains some of the changes to the magazine

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Meet the Cheat Sheet
For 17 years, our What to Watch section has offered a comprehensive barrage of critical elation and evisceration, a one-stop digest that allowed anyone to quickly become the most informed TV pundit at the watercooler. It has been one of my favorite parts of the magazine, so naturally, we’re replacing it. Starting now, we’ll deliver day-by-day capsules on all forms of entertainment, not just TV. Meet The Cheat Sheet, your ultimate pop culture concierge.

Why the switch? Simple. From Between Two Ferns to Birdman, from YouTube to satellite radio (ahem…we’re on SiriusXM Channel 105), you’ve never had so many entertainment options vying for your free time. ”Free time,” you say? Exactly.

That’s where we come in. For years, What to Watch cut through the chaff, helping you sort and schedule your TV options each week with wry commentary and wit. The Cheat Sheet will do the same, only without the handcuffs. No matter what the medium, no matter how good, bad, or ugly the project, it’s fair game.

Not to worry, TV stalwarts: You’ll still receive every bit as much intel in the expanded section, and our culturally omnivorous staff writer Ray Rahman won’t decommission his DVR anytime soon. Rahman will oversee The Cheat Sheet with the same care and panache as What to Watch, and we’ll label each item so you won’t miss everything that made the TV-centric section great.

Now, The Cheat Sheet isn’t our only important project these days. Consider the annual Reunions issue. It’s one of our finest yet, and it was brought home by our brilliant senior West Coast editor, Danielle Nussbaum. To the delight of many, our Charts franchise is back again too — and bigger than ever. Also, we have launched an immersive online storytelling platform at ew.com/longform and have been publishing cerebral fare such as editor at large Mark Harris’ rich, 4,800-word Birdman treatise. Heady times, and we hope you’ve noticed the changes. Write me at editor@ew.com with your thoughts.

Our latest venture is called Lightbulb, one of a raft of video projects we’ll be developing into 2015. Who knows? Maybe it’ll even end up on The Cheat Sheet one day.

A Bright Idea
EW shines a light on creative inspiration with our new Web series Lightbulb

Launching Nov. 17, Lightbulb features EW senior writer Darren Franich and some of Hollywood’s most creative minds exploring the inner reaches of inspiration. From Rashida Jones on her evolution as an actress and artist to Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) on the explosion of engaging, edgy, and entertaining documentaries this past year, Lightbulb will flip a switch on some of the most fascinating topics and approaches in the industry. Check it out at ew.com/lightbulb.