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Watch the 'Fabulous Baker Boys' reunite, joke on 'Today'

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Today Show

When the Baker Boys—a.k.a. the Bridges brothers—got together for EW‘s reunions issue on the Today show, along with their Susie Diamond, co-star Michelle Pfeiffer, there was, naturally, some ribbing. 

When Beau explained that for their movie lounge act they had to play on “dead keys, in the end, because they had to have all the fill in noise,” Jeff interrupted: “Beau played on dead keys. I actually played all my part.” Beau’s response: “Oh no!” And how did Beau, with his full head of hair, get a bald spot for that famous scene in which Jack (Jeff) sprays “magical sheath” on Frank’s (Beau’s) head? “We had a couple of glasses of wine he allowed me to cut the bald patch on the back of his head,” Jeff explained. “Stupid move,” Beau said.

You can watch their reunion with Pfeiffer below:

Tune in to Today tomorrow to see the cast of Sisters reunite.

This post has been updated to reflect the correct spelling of Michelle Pfeiffer’s name.