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Watch Nick Offerman play an argument-defusing Home Depot employee

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Nick Offerman

Nick Offerman plays an incredibly soothing Home Depot employee in a fake commercial John Oliver produced for Last Week Tonight to prove how Home Depot should be thinking about its marketing strategy in light of the sales robots Lowe’s is touting. 

And though, yes, the ad is a joke, perhaps Home Depot really should take a cue from Oliver: After all, which celebrity is the most pleasant and knows the most about wood? In fact, take this clip from Parks and Recreation as the perfect selling point. Ron Swanson tells a Lowe’s employee: “I know more than you.”

“[Robots] don’t realize that home improvement stores are a lethal combination of everything that can ruin a relationship: spending money, reconciling tastes, long-term planning, and fluorescent lighting,” Oliver explained. “In fact, if I was Home Depot and I heard that Lowe’s was replacing humans with robots, this is the ad that I would be running.”

Oliver’s ad also features Sarah Baker and H. Jon Benjamin as a couple whose trip to Home Depot inspires arguments about children, mothers, and porn preferences. Offerman, however, always jumps in at the exactly right moment to make the perfect suggestion.