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'Portlandia' season 5 sneak peek presents the perfect goth funeral

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Making arrangements for your own funeral can be a macabre experience, but for two darker characters on Portlandia, it’s more exciting than their birthdays.

Dressed in their Sunday goth best, Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein describe how they want their respective funerals to play out in a new clip from Portlandia, ahead of the show’s fifth season.

Their ideas aren’t exactly convenient for mourners, but those hoping to attend will just have to deal with a midnight funeral set during a thunderstorm. And more than a few other inconveniences.

While filming was underway for the show, Armisen kept in touch with his Late Night with Seth Meyers crew through the ongoing segment “FredEx.” But fans can see the rest of what Armisen and Brownstein prepped over the summer when Portlandia‘s fifth season returns on IFC in January 2015.