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MPAA, cinema owners: 'Zero tolerance' for Google Glass, all recorders

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Fuse/Getty Images

In the continued effort to prevent poorly filmed copies of movies being leaked online, the Motion Picture Association of America and National Association of Theatre Owners have announced an updated anti-theft policy that will make your Google Glass unwelcome at a screening of Interstellar.

The MPAA and NATO updated their joint policy on Oct. 29 to clarify that they “maintain a zero-tolerance policy toward using any recording device while movies are being shown,” including any and all wearable devices. As has been the policy in the past, anyone refusing to put a recording device away will be asked to leave, and if someone is suspected of taping a film, law enforcement will be alerted.

The statement doesn’t explicitly call out specific items, but the updated text seems to be a clear response to the proliferation of items like Google Glass and smart watches. While the Apple Watch will not have a built-in camera, plenty of smart watches already do—though theatergoers will look pretty conspicuous holding a watch up for two hours in a movie theater.

The MPAA’s previous zero-tolerance policy specifically warned against recording on cell phones and some antiquated devices like PDAs, so an update in language certainly seemed necessary. For the moment, though, this change will likely only affect a small number of those attending movie theaters, as Google Glass still costs $1,500—or about 185 movie tickets in 2014’s third quarter.