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Scientists research how to make a real-life 'Star Wars' laser

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Laser Pistols
Everett Collection/Mondadori Portfolio

Every Star Wars fan at one time or another has probably made the infamous noise of the franchise’s firearms. But scientists in Poland are trying to find out what one of those lasers would actually look and act like.

Researchers at the Laser Centre of the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences have published a video with their findings. The silent video employs a high-powered laser to shoot a series of pulses down a hall and record the process.

Approximately 10 shots were emitted per second, with the pulse lasting about a dozen femtosecondsmillionths of a billionth of a second, for those counting. Because of the speed, each frame of the video is actually capturing a different pulse than the last. But, thanks to something called science, there would be no real-life option for a red or blue laser.

“This happens since the interaction of the pulse with the plasma generates light of many different wavelengths. Received simultaneously, these waves give the impression of white,” leading researcher Dr. Yuriy Stepanenko explained.

Considering the short lifespan of these lasers and the single-color option, don’t put in any laser pistol orders just yet.