October 26, 2014 at 08:26 PM EDT

Live from New York, it’s… Ebola?

Saturday Night Live started off Saturday’s show with a timely cold open about Ebola hitting New York. Some background: Around the same time a New York doctor tested positive for the disease this past Thursday, President Obama appointed Ron Klain as the country’s Ebola czar, putting him in charge of the country’s response to the disease.

However, Klain doesn’t have experience with disease control — something the SNL sketch poked fun at. “I’m not a doctor,” Klain (Taran Killam) says in the sketch. “But to be fair, I did serve as chief of staff to vice president Joe Biden, so I do have some experience with a little something called ‘foot-in-mouth disease.'”

The sketch also addresses speculation that Obama hired Klain for purely political reasons ahead of the upcoming midterm elections. In the skit, Klain claims that Ebola flourishes in warmer environment, and goes on to issue a warning that if you live in a southern (a.k.a. red) state, “you actually may want to avoid any large, public spaces, like, say, a polling booth.” Unless you’re a Latino, of course: “We believe Latinos in red states may actually have an immunity to Ebola, so they’re good to go.”

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