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Melissa Maerz
October 23, 2014 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Marry Me

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We gave it a B+

The gender politics on Marry Me (NBC) seem outdated. Annie (Casey Wilson) believes that ”Every girl wants to get married!” but that might not include her, since she and her boyfriend, Jake (Ken Marino), keep screwing up the proposal. It’s a little disconcerting to see Annie frantically demand to get hitched ”while I still have an egg — one egg!” especially since she doesn’t know that Jake’s pals are hiding behind the couch, waiting to celebrate his (now ruined) proposal. (”Your friends are garbage people!” she announces just moments before.) But Wilson plays Annie with such absurdist flair, flailing her arms around like a Muppet, that it’s clear she’s skewering rom-coms’ social conventions more than she’s serving them up. In a genre that’s all about knowing glances, carefully chosen words, and ”a lady never tells” propriety, this woman cannot stop herself from saying the wrong thing out loud again and again. Marry Me wouldn’t work without Wilson and Marino, who make Annie and Jake just cringeworthy enough to be funny. Yeah, they’re the worst. But when it comes to old-fashioned rom-coms, they’re the best thing we’ve got. B+

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