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Chef celebrates 'The Walking Dead's' return with human-tasting burger

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To honor The Walking Dead‘s fifth season premiere, a London chef took inspiration from the show’s walkers and their appetite for human flesh. But don’t worry—his food won’t give customers the same appetite that zombies have.

FWx discovered that Jim Thomlinson, the chef for London Mess, has debuted a burger that supposedly tastes like human flesh at the London pop-up Terminus Tavern. Better yet, the site published his recipe so that readers can make their own burgers at home.

Thomlinson’s burger—which, I repeat, does not have an ounce of actual human in it—mixes chicken livers, veal, pork, and bone marrow. The taste is inspired by Thomlinson’s research about what cannibals have said human flesh actually tastes like—”good, fully developed veal,” according to his sources.

The creation doesn’t have as catchy a name as Bob’s Burgers may have given it. (The “For the Love of Humanity” or the “Dead on Some Bread” burgers are just a few options.) Then again, fans of the show can come up with their own variations now that the chef has released the recipe.

Learn more about Thomlinson’s creation at FWx, along with what it will take for Walking Dead fans to cook their own before Sunday’s episode.