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Childish Gambino collaborates with Ubisoft for 'Far Cry 4' trailer

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Childish Gambino

Looking at the mountains of the fictional Himalayan city of Kyrat in Far Cry 4, players may not immediately imagine a hip hop soundtrack to set the scene. But that dissonance hasn’t stopped Ubisoft from recruiting Donald Glover as his rapping alter ego Childish Gambino to lend his talents to the game’s new trailer.

Gambino collaborated with Ubisoft on the game’s latest trailer, which uses his song “Crawl” off his 2013 album Because the Internet. Despite the setting, the track fits quite nicely with the game’s adrenaline rush of gunplay, wingsuit gliding, and destruction by elephant stampede.

The trailer includes an appearance by Gambino, who discusses the song’s use shortly before “Crawl” backs a showcase of the game’s beautiful landscapes and intense gore. Lots and lots of gore.

Despite the setting, Far Cry 4‘s The most telling mark of the comedian and rapper’s influence on the trailer? His run on the line “looking at her booty” comes just as a shot of an elephant’s posterior appears.