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Lauren Cohan calls the 'Walking Dead' premiere 'our best episode yet'

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Today is the day. The Walking Dead finally returns with a season 5 premiere that will require you to pick your jaw up off the floor…unless your hands are too busy covering your eyes. The episode is crazy and violent, yet also has some touching emotional moments as well that will no doubt have fans talking. While audience reaction will come after the episode airs tonight on AMC, one cast member has already filed her review. “I feel like this is our best episode of the show yet,” said Lauren Cohan when she stopped by Entertainment Weekly Radio (SiriusXM, channel 105) on Friday. “It took me on such a journey, which is so funny because I was there when we made it and I was still so floored. I felt so much trepidation and then such excitement about the strength of the group. It’s been really exciting the levels we can take the show too now. It’s been like feature films every time, but this time it’s just a bigger and much deeper, darker expensive movie.”

At least that’s what she feels about what she actually saw, as Cohan admitted to having to look away during some of the more extreme moments of the premiere, which is as violent as anything the show has ever done. “I’m not able to actually watch most of it,” said Cohan, who also had a warning: “Fans of the comic, there are going to be a couple of moments that scare you more than anything. I won’t say too much about that. But that was one of the most tense moments in there. You’ll know what I mean.”

Cohan also discussed what we can expect to see from her character of Maggie Greene in season 5. “We got her so separated from the group,” Cohan said. “And she found this new sort of fire. She’s had everything comfortable taken away from her. Despite how dire the situation in the train car is, she found Glenn, which was the impossible thing, so she now has this weird calm.”

But even though Maggie is happy to be back with the group, she still doesn’t know that one of the group’s newest members, Tara, was with the man who beheaded her father. “Tara is in a super precarious situation,” noted Cohan. “Because she has gained the trust of this group and she has gained the trust of Maggie, and the whole time is super tense and Maggie doesn’t know where she’s come from. It’s going to be interesting because we haven’t seen the group stop and take a breath yet or have a conversation. The Tara situation is going to give Maggie a chance to process some things. And some new people that they’ll meet will bring up a lot of Maggie’s past and a lot of what she has held dear that we remember from season 2 in terms of faith. Faith and some new people that will enter the show are going to present a very big journey for Maggie this season.”

Faith? And new people? Well, we know Father Gabriel Stokes from the comic book is arriving in season 5 (to be played by Seth Gilliam), so we’ll have to keep our eyes on him and how he relates to Maggie. In the meantime, buckle up and get ready for tonight.

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