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Iggy Pop could play Sandman in a Dario Argento-directed horror

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Iggy Pop

Italian horror director Dario Argento is tired of typical Christmas movies. He wants gore, violence, and fear in his December films. So he’s making his ownor at least, trying to.

On an Indiegogo fundraiser page, Argento proposes the idea for a movie called The Sandman starring Iggy Pop as the title villain. “This Sandman is the real deal, going back to the dark, original German legend,” the page reads. “The REAL Sandman was someone who stole the eyes of any children that wouldn’t just close them and go to sleep.” In other words: Sandman and Santa Clause probably aren’t friends.

Argento and co. are asking for $250,000, and perks range from getting to star in a scene with Iggy to visiting set for a day. Oh, and by donating, you’re making Iggy’s dreams come true: “If I could play the Sandman for Dario, it would make my life complete,” he says in the promotional video. “I hope I haven’t just written my own epitaph.”