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From 'Shaq Fu' to Kenny Loggins: 4 odd crowd-funding projects

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First potato salad, now an album made entirely of cat sounds: The ideas behind high-profile crowdfunding projects are sounding more and more like a game of Mad Libs.

Some background: Killer Mike and El-P, who make music together as the hip-hop duo Run the Jewels, joked in September about releasing a special edition of their next album that replaces all their beats with cat sounds. Then a Kickstarter user created a campaign to turn the joke into a reality. Soon, musicians like Zola Jesus, Boots, Just Blaze, and more clambered to contribute to Meow the Jewels.

As goofy as the project is, it’s far from the weirdest celebrity crowdfunding project the Internet has ever seen. From Shaq Fu to a personal Kenny Loggins concert, here are some of the oddest requests trying to get your money.

The Kenny Loggins Kickstarters Within a Kickstarter 

It started as a fairly simple Kickstarter project from musician Kenny Loggins and his band, Blue Sky Riders, who were asking for help funding their studio album. People miss Footloose and reminisce about “Danger Zone,” right? Sounds simple enough.

At least, until Loggins superfan Erick Sanchez saw that contributing $10,000 or more to the fund would get him a private Kenny Loggins concert. So Sanchez set up another Kickstarter, raising over $30,000 to donate to Loggins’ original Kickstarter–all so that he could reach that private concert funding milestone.

Then, H. Jon Benjamin—of Archer voice fame—started a third Kickstarter. His goal: To raise $15,000 so he could help introduce Loggins and the band at the private concert. No word yet on when this concert will actually take place, but rest assured: Loggins donated $500 to Sanchez’s Kickstarter for a “guaranteed seat” at the event. There’s some real Inception stuff at work here.

The Val Kilmer/Slash Breaking Bad sequel, Anastasia

The cries for more Breaking Bad seem to never die—especially for one Lawrence Shepherd, who proposed a Kickstarter for a Breaking Bad sequel. The catch: It’s called Anastasia, and he wants it to star the ragtag duo of Val Kilmer and Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash.

No, the hypothetical sequel would not take place in Tsarist Russia, despite what the title suggests. The project, which came up about $499,000 short of its $500,000 goal, would follow what happened to Walter White’s body after the series finale. (It’s gone missing, and U.S. Marshals Kilmer and Slash are hot on the trail.) Perhaps the craziest part is that Kilmer wasn’t Shepherd’s first lead casting choice—Nathan Lane was. Although when Val Kilmer calls you out for being a “goofball,” maybe it’s time to recast.

Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn

’90s nostalgia is so hot right now—and Shaquille O’ Neal knows it. Which is why he started an Indiegogo fund for a sequel to the 1994 2-D video game, Shaq Fu.

Advertised like a discount furniture store going out of business, Shaq Fu’s crowd funding site offered “HUGE PERKS AT MASSIVE DISCOUNTS! FINAL DAY SALE! As part of our final day sale we are offering two incredible perks at ridiculously low prices!” These perks included lunch with Shaq at “only $3,000!” and lunch and a game of pickup basketball in Shaq’s gym for “only $4,000!” The gambit worked—the project raised $473,884 of its $450,000 goal.

Jon Lajoie’s fake Kickstarter

The League‘s Jon Lajoie took on all the Kickstarting fools by setting up a joke Kickstarter that would help LaJoie raise $500,000,000 for the ultimate goal of making him super rich. Perhaps the best Kickstarter of all is having someone telling it like it is.